About Amaze Wedding Photography

We listen to each individual needs and work with them to make sure all their wedding requirements are met. We implement all our experience in the field of wedding photography to provide you the most amazing memories captured by us.

Every time we attend a wedding we are honoured and privileged to be part of this happy occasion. With no exception, at every wedding, we have always been thrilled to be able to capture the emotions and those special moments as they unfold.

Our style of photography is a mixture of contemporary and natural or candid style of photography.

More About Amaze Wedding Photography

}-  Amaze photography was established in 1998 and has been serving couples ever since.

}-  We are passionate about taking wedding photographs, as we believe that weddings are one of the happiest and most important occasion in the couple’s life and we love capturing those moments!

}- We have the most stringent quality control process where each and every photograph is individually color balanced and checked. Each individual photograph is corrected for minor imperfections i.e. skin blemishes.

}- All our photographs are printed on Kodak professional matt & gloss paper which ensures maximum photograph longevity. You can only achieve maximum color vibrancy and skin tone with this kind of paper.

}- We have chosen the best professional digital camera in the world with the absolute top quality lenses.

}- Our professional labs are only selected after passing our quality control process.

}- We provide personalized service and customise the wedding day to give you the best and most romantic outcome for your special day.

Wedding Reshoot Guarantee

We guarantee you will be happy with your wedding photography, portraits & albums. If you are not happy with your wedding photography, portraits and album, we will reproduce or recreate this as necessary, entirely at our expense, including:

  1. Redo photo shoot
  2. Redo main album
  3. If still not happy, we will buy back the album and refund full money back. Put simply, you cannot lose!

This is how confident we are of being able to give you the ultimate standard of photography!